An Adventure Club staff member creates art with three children

Adventure Club is licensed by the Missouri Office of Childhood within the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education which requires the collection of specific information about your child prior to attending. Typically, a child’s start date is 48 business hours after our office processes a complete enrollment form and receives all necessary paperwork. When submitting an enrollment form you are holding a spot that is unavailable to another child and your family is financially responsible for the time held, regardless of attendance. If the school you are registering for has reached their capacity, your child’s enrollment moves to a waiting list.

Please contact our office at 573-884-2582 or adventureclub@missouri.edu if you have questions regarding our process.

Enrollment Steps

  1. Review our Family Handbook
    • During registration you are required to acknowledge that you understand and will abide by our polices and procedures.
  2. Select your child’s location of attendance.
  3. Complete a registration form for each child. Our office communicates via email when requesting additional information for incomplete registrations.
  4. Check your email for a “PENDING Adventure Club Enrollment” email, it contains any additional steps required before your child attends.
  5. After receiving all items from the “PENDING” email, we send a  “COMPLETE: Start Date XX/XX/XXXX” email.

Enrollment Requirements

  1. Child information, including:
    • Name, address and telephone number.
    • Birth date.
    • Grade.
    • Medical, allergy and medical condition information, if applicable.
      • Certain conditions could require further documentation from your child’s doctor and may delay your child’s start date.
      • Adventure Club does not have access to the nurse’s office at schools and licensing regulations prohibit a child from carrying their own prescribed item. It is a requirement that guardians provide all necessary prescriptions (with prescription label) to Adventure Club prior to the child’s first day of attendance.
      • Child’s physician including address and phone number.
      • Preferred Hospital including address and phone number.
  2. Full parental information for any parent that has legal custody, including:
    • Complete addresses.
    • At least two phone numbers per parent.
    • Employer information.
    • Failure to provide secondary parent information will delay your child’s start date.
  3. Two emergency contacts other than guardians or doctors, including:
    • Complete address and at least one phone number.
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Summer and 2024-2025 InstructionsSummer and 2024-2025 Instructions

Click on your child’s school to enroll:

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2024-2025 school year: Due to low interest and other circumstances, Adventure Club will not open the following locations for the current and upcoming school year. Adventure Club utilizes several factors when determining if a location opens or closes. These factors include our current financial situation, wait-list numbers, staffing, and total program enrollment. Use the links below to add your child to our interest survey; we use the information to gauge community need when determining future re-openings.

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