Ridgeway Adventure Club meets at Ridgeway Elementary Magnet School, which is located at 107 E. Sexton Road. The enrollment capacity at Ridgeway Adventure Club is 60 children AM/PM. Currently, in addition to the Site Facilitator, there are 4 college students employed as Site Assistants at this site (from the University of Missouri-Columbia and from Columbia College). A majority of these students are Education or Early Childhood majors.

Ridgeway Adventure Club meets in the school combination gym and cafeteria or "cafetorium." We also have access to the Teacher's Lounge, Music Room, and the Art Room. The playground is large and equipped with tether ball balls, several sets of swings, climbers, monkey bars, basketball goals, new climbing/play equipment, an outdoor patio and stage area and a large grassy field.

In the mornings, a parent or an authorized adult must initial the students in on a sign-in sheet. The sheets, printed in weekly increments, have columns for the student's arrival time and for the the initials of the person bringing the student to Adventure Club. A Site Facilitator or Site Assistant will initial in the student in the afternoon; a parent or other authorized adult must initial them out in the afternoon, noting the time that they departed.

In addition to the sign in/out sheets, in the afternoon we have a large magnetic "Where are You?" board in order for both staff and parents to tell at a glance where a child is. The parents can also use this board to locate their child when they arrive. This magnetic board is divided into 3 areas: Home, Outside and Gym. It is the students' responsibility to change their own name tag when they arrive in the morning and afternoons and when they decide to leave one area for another. They must also inform a staff member when they leave one area for another; we utilize walkie-talkies so that we may communicate with one another and ensure a student's arrival from one area to another.

Ridgeway Adventure Club is a fun, safe place for children to come before and after school. It follows the school's IGE philosophy (Independently Guided Education) and offers the children many choices to the extension of their school day. We encourage them to participate in the activities they prefer. We also encourage them to create/develop their own activities with "Kids's Klubs" if they wish.

Ridgeway Adventure Club is a place where the children have fun with their school friends in a safe learning environment.