Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge Adventure Club meets at 1100 Rosetta Avenue right outside Columbia city limits. The average enrollment is 30 children AM/PM.

Cedar Ridge Adventure Club meets in the cafeteria/gym. We use half of the gym to set up tables for the kids to play games, color or do homework and the other half of the gym for group games and reading area. The playground has several swings, a caterpillar climb, a small house made of bars, basketball goals, a soccer field and a funnel.

In the mornings, a parent or an authorized adult must initial the students in on a sign-in sheet. The sheets, printed in weekly increments, have columns for the student's arrival time and for the the initials of the person bringing the student to Adventure Club. A Site Facilitator or Site Assistant will initial in the student in the afternoon; a parent or other authorized adult must initial them out in the afternoon, noting the time that they departed.

We also use a "Where am I?" pocket charts to keep track of the students. The pocket chart has 4 categories: Playground, Cafeteria, Gym, and Home. It is the students' responsibility to change their own name tag when they arrive in the morning and afternoons and when they decide to leave one area for another. They must also inform a staff member when they leave one area for another; we utilize walkie-talkies so that we may communicate with one another and ensure a student's arrival from one area to another.

We have five areas the children can choose from. These areas are Legos/K-Nex, coloring/art, games, homework, or reading. When the children arrive, they put their things in a basket and choose an area to be at. When we play group games, the kids are able to vote on three games they come up with to play. A fellow Adventure Club child leads the voting and the game is chosen.

Cedar Ridge Adventure Club is a fun, safe, and caring environment for kids to attend before or after school. The children love being with their friends, participating in group games and clubs, and look forward to coming each day. Some of their favorite activities are games in the gym such as Sit Down Toga, Scaterball Tag, and Ground Ball. They also love playing Mancala and in the dramatic play bin. The children have enjoyed doing JOLT in the afternoon this year and it has really helped many kids get their homework done successfully and on time. The children have also enjoyed their field trips to the Corn Maze and going to McDonald's on early release days. The parents at Cedar Ridge Adventure Club are awesome and have always been on time and helpful whenever we have needed them. At Cedar Ridge Adventure Club, every day is filled with smiling faces, friends, and loads of fun.