Early/Late Fees

Adventure Club opens at 6:45 AM and closes at 6:00 PM. Adventure Club staff members work very hard each and every day and want to feel confident that they can leave at or before 6:00 PM. Many staff members have evening commitments, and parents who arrive late often interfere with these plans.

What frequently happens in the evening is that parents arrive shortly before 6:00 PM and by the time they find a place to park, gather up all of the child's belongings, and chat with the teachers and other parents - it is well past 6:00. In these situations the late policy is difficult to enforce. Therefore, we are proposing that parents who have lengthy departure routines arrive early so that they can manage to get everything accomplished and still leave before 6:00 PM.

In addition to the monetary stipulations the late policy will also include the following:

  • The facilitator's cell phone will serve as the "official clock."
  • An early drop off/late pick up fee is applied per family (not per child)
  • Please do not bring your children before 6:45 AM. Staff utilize this time to plan, clean, organize and discuss issues regarding the program.
  • Please arrive early enough so that you and your child have enough time to depart and do not feel rushed or pressured to leave.
  • Please make sure that you depart by 6:00 PM. Arriving before the closing time, but lingering after closing time, still interferes with the evening plans of teachers.
  • There will be no exceptions or warnings. If you are early or late for whatever reason (flat tire, miscommunication regarding who was picking up the child, etc.) a charge will be issued. A "no exceptions policy" makes it easier for us to apply the late policy to everyone consistently and fairly. We do not want any parent to receive special treatment or favors whereas other parents may not.
  • The Adventure Club early/late policy is as follows: $5 early/late base charge plus $1 for each minute early/late per family. A bill will not be sent to you. Payment must be made to the Adventure Club main office by your next tuition due date or your family may be dismissed from the program.
  • A form, indicating the child's name and at what time the parent arrived, has been developed with the policy clearly stated. The parent and Site Facilitator will sign this form. The Site Facilitator turns the signed form into the administration. Administrators will send a note to the parent, indicating that the charge has been made. Parents must make payment by the due date.
  • If this becomes a frequent problem, Adventure Club reserves the right to remove a family from the program. A third infraction may result in dismissal from the program.
  • As we are guests in the building, we must be out at a reasonable time; therefore, if your child has not been picked up within 30 minutes of closing, the police or sheriff's department will be called to pick up your child.