About Us

Adventure Club  invites children to a fun and safe place to go before and after school and provides hands-on educational and recreational activities for children in a fun, safe, caring and convenient environment.

Opportunities for decision-making, individual and team achievement, self-esteem and life skill development are central to our mission.

Our Purpose

About Us Adventure Club's purpose statement is to enhance the growth and development of children, families, staff and the communities we serve. This statement has guided our program into improving services, building and strengthening relationships and enriching out-of school time for Columbia's children.

Children are our #1 priority. The program serves approximately 1,000 children throughout the course of a year, and feels fortunate to be able to touch the lives of every one of them.

Adventure Club provides hand-on educational and recreational activities each day. Each program takes field trips to places like the corn maze, bowling, local parks, dairy farm and movies. Programs also participate in community projects, talent shows, building a society and much more. We are also fortunate to provide families with annual events like the Multi Cultural Night, Spring Festival, Open House, Family Science Night, Afternoon at the Theater, and Literature Night.

Families are an integral part of a successful before and after school program. Consistent communication between program staff and families is essential in meeting the best needs of the children. Programs speak to families on a daily basis and distribute monthly newsletters in an effort to stay connected with families. All of these efforts help keep us connected with families.

About Us Since 1997, Adventure Club has operated through the University of Missouri's College of Education. Through the Education Department, as well as other departments at the University, Adventure Club has been able to recruit and hire enthusiastic, goal-oriented Site Assistants, many of whom go on to become teachers.

In addition, each school has a site facilitator who oversees the day to day operation of the program. Most site facilitators have a minimum of 60 college credit hours including 12 hours in child-related course work and experience working with groups of children. All full-time site facilitators have at least a college degree. The full-time site facilitators have attended local, Missouri and national conferences to gain more knowledge regarding curricula, group management, behavior management, resources and much more.

Adventure Club provides training to site assistants on such topics as discipline techniques, character building, gym games, and diversity to name a few.

Our Affiliations

Adventure Club works diligently to provide quality, enriching care to our children. All 21 Adventure Club programs are licensed by the MO DHSS Section for Child Care Regulation. Eleven of our programs are accredited by Council on Accreditation.

Adventure Club participates in "Lights On Afterschool" and staff attend child advocacy meetings. We seize opportunities to raise awareness about the importance of after-school programs to further our mission.