About Activities

ADVENTURE CLUB offers a variety of activities which include recreation and games, arts and crafts, music, dramatic play, homework time, time for the children to pursue their own interests in a safe and caring environment. All children will be encouraged to learn and to work comfortably with others.

Adventure Club provides hand-on educational and recreational activities each day.

Each program on Early Release days are provided opportunities for field trips to places like the corn maze, bowling, dairy farm and movies. Programs also participate in community projects, talent shows, carnival activities and much more.

Families are an integral part of a successful before and after school program. Consistent communication between program staff and families is essential in meeting the best needs of the children.

Programs speak to families on a daily basis, Adventure Club hosts family events on an annual basis such as talent shows, Multi-Cultural Night, Afternoon at the Theater, Science Night and distribute monthly newsletters in an effort to stay connected with families.

Program information and policies can be found in the Parent Handbook.

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